Festival Awards

Visa Wellington On a Plate Festival Awards 2021

The festival awards recognise excellence in Visa Wellington On a Plate participants. Ratings were back on the website this year and so here are the winners chosen by you:

Best Dine Wellington 2021

Congratulations Boulcott Street Bistro! For Dine Wellington, Boulcott Street Bistro served "Crayfish Marseille": Butter-poached Yellow Brick Road Cook Strait crayfish with sautéed housegrown green vegetables, harissa and saffron tomato sauce and 26 seasons microgreens. You can watch the winning announcement here.

Best Garage Project presents Burger Wellington 2021

Congratulations Egmont St. Eatery! For Garage Project presents Burger Wellington, Egmont St. Eatery served "Kingston Tastee": 

Free range smashed pork and beef patty with mango and pork fat chutney, blackened Penray Gardens chilli mayo, housemade cheese and spiced tobacco onions in a housemade milk bun matched with Garage Project Golden Path beer. You can watch the winning announcement here.

Best Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's Real Estate 2021

Congratulations C.G.R Merchant & Co! For Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's Real EstateC.G.R Merchant & Co. served "Old Fashioned Donuts": A black Doughboy Donuts donut topped with white chocolate and coconut cream, served with a chocolate and coconut-infused rum old fashioned filling. You can watch the winning announcement here.

In 2020 we decided to not have public ratings or Festival Awards for Burger, Cocktail, Dine Wellington. We're all about collaboration, community and lifting everyone up rather than competition.

Dine Wellington 2020 - Top 5 People's Choice Festival Dish (in no particular order)

1154 Pastaria - Mac N’ Steeze

Apachè - Barry's Bun Cha

Boulcott Street Bistro - Crayfish Frites

Master Kong - Kohuatia - Boil Up

Zelati Dessert Cafe - Halo-Halo (Mix-Mix) Sundae

Burger Wellington 2020 - Top 5 People's Choice Garage Project presents Burger Welly (in no particular order)

Apachè - Rise of the Phoenix

Atlas - Wagyu, Truffle and Bordelaise

Egmont St. Eatery - La Grande Gordita

Fork & Brewer - The Brisk-Taker

Winner Winner - An Ode to Big Bob

Cocktail Wellington 2020 - Top 5 People's Choice Cocktail Welly presented by Seedlip (in no particular order)

Arborist Rooftop Bar & Eatery - The Gathered Clover Club

Boulcott Street Bistro - Oyster Martini, Martini Oyster

C.G.R. Merchant & Co. - Snickers Affogato

Hanging Ditch - Expresso Martini #83'

The Library - Jacinda

Past winners

Outstanding Innovation - presented by Yellow Brick Road (2019)

Event - Bandersnack by Hillside Kitchen & Cellar

Festival Dish - Hillside Kitchen & Cellar

Cocktail - Coco At The Roxy

Burger - Karaka Cafe

Outstanding Interpretation of the Theme - presented by iTicket (2019)

Event - Big Foodie Quiz of the Year - Havana Bar

Festival Dish - Hippotamus

Cocktail - Mr Go's

Burger - Rogue & Vagabond

Burger Wellington: Best Burger

2021: Egmont St Eatery

2019: Cafe Medici

2018: Wilson Barbecue

2017: Mr Go's

2016: Apache

2015: Egmont St. Eatery

2014: Charley Noble

2013: Ti Kouka 

2012: Boulcott Street Bistro

2011: Café Polo

2010: Lembas Café

Cocktail Wellington: Best Cocktail 

2021: C.G.R Merchant & Co.

2019: Pravda

2018: C.G.R Merchant & Co.

2017: CoCo at The Roxy

2016: CoCo at The Roxy

2015: CoCo at The Roxy

Dine Wellington: Best Festival Dish 

2021: Boulcott Street Bistro

2019: Grace Patisserie

2018: Field & Green

2017: Ortega Fish Shack & Bar

2016: Jano Bistro 

2015: Logan Brown

2014: The White House