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Cocktails and mocktails and tapas, oh my!

August 5, 2019

It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere in Wellington said someone, somewhere, probably. 

And it’s definitely 5 o’ clock for the full month of August during Visa Wellington On a Plate with Cocktail Wellington supported by Angostura Bitters

Put your feet up with a cocktail from the Cocktail Wellington line up - there’s more than a hundred to choose from - and it’s for everyone! 

Yes, everyone. That includes non-drinkers, expectant mothers and those training for their next marathon. Every bar or restaurant serves a non-alcoholic version of their Cocktail Welly offering, and each cocktail/mocktail is paired with a complementary tapas. 

Have a read of these Cocktail Welly picks - some savoury, some sour, some sweet - and say it along with us: “Cocktails and mocktails and tapas, oh my!” 

Two Grey - Mallow Coco - Wildness organic chocolate, Vodka, hazelnut liqueur, coconut milk and a toasted, homemade marshmallow, accompanied by a housemade chocolate choux cake.


Forage Kitchen + Bar - The Forager (above) - A house-infused kawakawa Vodka with a fragrant elderflower liqueur and fresh lime juice, covered with a foam layer and rose petals, accompanied by home-crumbed, tender calamari with a spicy dip. 

Dockside - Three Sheets to the Wind - An apple butter Old Fashioned with Bourbon, apple butter, ginger beer, orange bitters, apple cider and lemon, accompanied by pork belly with cashew butter, pickled ginger mayo and apple syrup. 

The Library - One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - Reid + Reid Gin, white chocolate liqueur, Lillet Blanc and Dr. Seuss Magical Tincture, served with lemony Yink Ink, accompanied by a fishing rod canapé of Whittaker's chocolate fish and Caffe L'Affare espresso brownie. Non-alcoholic option brought to you by Seedlip.

Astoria - Cherrytown - Cherry bourbon and blackberry and balsamic bitters, accompanied by a homemade sweet cherry-filled Russian dumpling.

Burger Liquor - Hard Lemonade Snow Cone - Frozen hard lemonade made of Kāpiti lemons, Vodka, Koakoa Limoncello with raspberry and blueberry syrups, accompanied by candy floss and a Sweet Release miniature doughnut.


CoCo at The Roxy - Absolute Non-sense (above) A rum sour in the form of a bird's nest, made of a dark chocolate nest, spiced kataifi twigs with a Rum lemon curd, accompanied by an illuminated deep blue sushi with cured watermelon, yuzu wasabi and citrus ocean fog.

Dragonfly - Bangkok Iced Coffee - Cardamom cold-brewed Mojo Coffee, Vodka, KoaKoa Orangecello and a hint of Zany Zeus milk, topped with five-spice candy floss, accompanied by Asian Food Republic coconut and vanilla macaroon.

The Aborist Rooftop Bar & Eatery - Shrimply the Best - A Gin Gimlet, combining Martinborough's Lighthouse Gin, lime, coriander and rocket syrup with an activated charcoal, lime and chilli rim, accompanied by three baby tostadas, with shrimp, avocado and tomato salsa, Shoots NZ micro coriander, Angel Hair chilli, activated charcoal dust and lime.

Crumpet - Cirque de Sens - Reid + Reid Gin and Crumpet's own grapefruit soda, topped with a horopito foam, popping candy and a kawakawa tincture spritz, accompanied by honeycomb and mānuka popcorn.

The Borough - Twisted Fashioned - Bourbon, housemade coke syrup and a touch of bitters, served with oak smoke, accompanied by slow-cooked barbeque pork ribs in a Bourbon and coke reduction. 


Lulu - You Had Me at Heihei (above) - Fourteen-year-old Rum, Gunpowder Rum, pineapple and mandarin shrub with house cream of coconut, burnt, Rum-soaked lime, smoked cinnamon and grated nutmeg, accompanied by Lulu's fried heihei pops.

Wilson Barbecue @Pop - Bloodless Mary - Homemade tomato water with citrus Vodka, basil oil, horseradish, chilli oil and celery salt and pepper, accompanied by a smoked pastrami, gruyère cheese, mozzerella, pickle and spicy mayo toastie.

Coene’s Daiquiri - Follow the sensory story and let your beach brain find the Daquiri cocktail that best matches your flavour profile. Served with a housemade Daiquiri sorbet in a miniature honeycomb cone.

Check out the full range of Cocktail Wellington cocktails on, and download the Cocktail Welly PDF to read up on more than a hundred cocktails on offer.