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Would You Like Ice With That?

June 27, 2019

This year's Cocktail Welly is bigger than ever with 90 delicious liquidy concoctions being shaken and stirred across the region for this year’s Visa Wellington On a Plate. 

#CocktailWelly runs from the very start to the very end of the Festival (1-31 Aug). So you can grab a delicious cocktail before or after you feast on Burgers, Festival Dishes or as a warm-up for your Festival Event. 

Driving home? No problem! For every Cocktail Welly cocktail, there’s a non-alc “mocktail” option. Look out for beverages using Seedlip non-alcoholic spirits and enjoy the same delicious taste without the headache.  

Read on for a sample of the weird and wonderful Cocktail Welly cocktails to Feast Your Senses on this August.

Fortune Favours Dill With It! This savoury sounding number from Fortune Favours features Denzien Te Aro Dry Gin, house-made beetroot and dill shrub, lemon salt. Being a brewery, you can’t leave beer out of your cocktail! This one is rounded out with smoked Fortune Favours beer. 

Or try the non-alcoholic version aptly named Dill Without It with Seedlip Garden 108 non-alcoholic spirit in place of the gin.

Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant

The orange man with the tiny hands at the helm of the USA claims to have never had a drop of alcohol. Maybe a Southern Cross Covfefe-tini would get him over the wall? If not, perhaps the Fake News Covfefe-tini mocktail? Make sure you use two hands to drink it! 

Forresters Lane

The Negroni turns 100 this year and Forresters Lane is celebrating with the Chipper + ‘Groni. Re-distilled Campari moonshine, Reid + Reid Gin bitters and Forresters' Vermouth, accompanied by Gin-flavoured crisps, Campari mussels and Vermouth aioli.

Or bless yourself with the non-alcoholic Rev Dawson Negroni. Fun fact, Reverend Dawson was one of New Zealand’s leading prohibitionists who also happens to be the great, great grandfather of Stewart and Chris Reid of Reid + Reid Gin.


Dragonfly has pulled out all the stops and has created this insta-worthy Cocktail Welly masterpiece. The Bangkok Iced Coffee features cardamom cold-brewed Mojo Coffee, Vodka, KoaKoa Orangecello and a hint of Zany Zeus milk, topped with five-spice candy floss.

The Library

I tried to get this bit to rhyme. Alas, this blogger is out of time. Find this drink at a bar called The Library. It’s smooth and sweet and definitely not... fibery? I give up... here’s the cocktail:

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Reid + Reid Gin, white chocolate liqueur, Lillet Blanc and Dr. Seuss Magical Tincture, served with lemony Yink Ink, accompanied by a fishing rod canapé of Whittaker's chocolate fish and Caffe L'Affare espresso brownie. 

Their non-alcoholic option This One Has a Little Car!, features Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit.

These are just five of the 90 delicious cocktails available this August during Visa Wellington On a Plate. Check out the full list here. 

Cocktail Wellington is proudly supported by House of Angostura and Seedlip