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Day 8: What we're eating and drinking

August 17, 2018

So much goodness.. and we're only 8 days in! The cruel irony of working on a busy and delicious food festival is we don't always get out to try everything we'd like to. So we've enlisted the help of friends and experts to help round up what's been enjoyed this week. PLUS what's coming up next week for Visa WOAP 2018.

Burger Welly

Top #BurgerWelly eats from the man attempting to eat 50 Burger Welly burgers, Tim AKA @titty.eats

  • Ti Kouka - the great deceiver! Without an ounce of actual kimchi, they somehow fool you to think that it's present in the burger like magicians. A nice and juicy burger with all components complementing each other. From the bun to the slaw to the pork with kimchi mayo, it's South Korea in a bun.
  • Pickle and Pie - simple and delicious. Meltingly tender pieces of strip loin, in an amazing pretzel bun and unctuous gravy to top off the experience.
Burger Welly at Pickle and Pie
  • Apachè - nice, light and crispy coated chicken that packs a mighty punch of spice. The added chilli herb salad and use of coconut bun helps cool down this bad boy.

Cocktail Welly

From Beth, Melissa and Andy in the festival team

Cocktail at Burger Liquor
  • Burger Liquor - the foundation for my love of dining was built on Cobb & Co. Nothing says top service like free cobb crunchies on arrival and an activities placemat, so this cocktail got me right in the nostalgia feels. It's a gucci version of all the things you remember and loved about a pink panther, it's natural raspberry syrup to so it's borderline healthy. In a time when cocktails are taken very seriously this was a lot of fun.
Cocktail Welly at Poquito
  • Poquito - late nights and jazz bars vibes in a glass, this sophisticated and multilayered cocktail is one to settle in with for an evening of good chats with mates. The accompanying shortbread, cheddar and bacon crisps tapas helped cut through and even out all the flavours, which for a normally non-rum and bourbon drinker was welcome. The dried rose bud was a gorgeous touch to complement the blackberry and balsamic bitters (infused with delicious chocolate). Topped with North End APA and falernum foam, this drink is interesting, warming and very satisfying.
  • Ombra - a homage to the old Welcome Takeaway's which used to occupy the spot where Ombra is now. Fond memories of late night fish & chips and toasties from Welcome after metal gigs across the street. Ombra gives it a nod in the form of a cheese toastie served alongside the cocktail, a mandarin and cardamom-infused gin with Vermouth, Eastbourne honey topped with Six Barrel Soda. So good. So nostalgic.

Dine Welly

With thanks to Alana and Vicky, the foodies behind the @CapitalEats

  • Hummingbird - absolutely delicious! Tthe roasted scallops with Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom and samphire and truffle potatoes were standouts.Their cocktail offering was right up our alley - Ale House Now, rum with Panhead Pilsner syrup, house-made blueberry tea, apple cider shrub and pineapple, topped with Bootleggers Ginger Beer. Accompanied by chips and Kiwi onion dip. Yum.
  • Pomelo on Oriental Parade is whipping up outstanding dishes for their Festival Dish menu of tiger prawns, tofu, organic chicken, pork belly and both egg and rice noodles in broth. Their burger is also super tasty, slow-roasted pork belly, streaky bacon, mango and pineapple salsa and homemade relish, with hand cut fries. Go with some friends and share the dine menu and the burger, get the best of both worlds!
Pomelo Oriental Parade

What's coming up this week

  • Hot off the Press - warm up your winter with Press Hall’s hot and spicy Monday night market. There’ll be lots of small bites to test your palate, live entertainment and beer, wine, sake and cocktails to cool you down when the spice levels sky-rocket. Mon 20 Aug, 5pm–9pm at Press Hall 80 Willis St, tickets not required.
  • Naked Girls reading - Lick your lips, dampen your napkins and prepare for this veritable feast! An appetising evening of literary deliciousness perfect for those feeling a little intellectually peckish. Naked Girls Reading is exactly what is sounds like - completely naked women reading literature aloud. It's a sexy book club, a sapphic slumber party, a sumptuous and scandalous event sure to arouse, educate and entertain all at once. Sat 18 Aug, 8pm–10pm at Fringe Bar, tickets $25
  • Eat Your Art OutEdible Souvenir Shop. Visit Wellington’s only edible souvenir shop to experience a wonderful world of edible art and culinary curiosities. Take home and devour an edible souvenir of the coolest little capital. Tantalise your taste buds with a range of hand-crafted treats and beverages by a local artist, designer and trained chef. On now at Suite Gallery 241 Cuba Street, tickets not required.

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