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2 minutes with Amy, the chef behind the green plate of salmon

July 6, 2018

Amy Gillies spends her day tucked away in the kitchen at Salty Pidgin, taking the Brooklyn (and Wellington) world by storm, one stylish plate of food at a time. 


What is Salty Pidgin doing for Visa WOAP this year? 

We are transforming Salty Pidgin into ‘The Good Companion, our take on classic Kiwi fish & chip shop fare with a modern twist. Think fun, exciting food, live music and more!   

We are also extremely lucky to be hosting Anna Hansen from London’s Modern Pantry on the 21st of August. Anna is an incredible chef, and it’s a great opportunity for myself and the rest of the staff to see her in action. 

How were you inspired by the theme of Party? 

We have decided to throw a party every night with our, ‘The Good Companion’ Pop Up. Featuring live music most nights, come visit and enjoy the fun atmosphere.  

Describe your favourite birthday cake growing up? 

My Dad used to make amazing birthday cakes, things like gnomes, princesses etc.  But best of all, one year he made me a cake of our a Labrador Heidi. Best birthday ever. 

What’s your best Visa Wellington On a Plate memory?  

It’s hard to go past PigFish, Rachael and Martin’s Pop Up a few years back. 

Whats your earliest memory of food?  

My first olive. As a kid I wanted to eat them all the time and couldn’t believe that everybody wasn’t wandering around snacking on them constantly. 

What will Wellington's food scene look like in the next 10 years?  

A lot more authentic ethnic cuisine. We are blessed already, but it’s only going to get better. Restaurants are also placing an increasing emphasis on carbon neutrality, minimal waste, recycling etc.  

Who inspires you and your work?   

Past chefs I have worked with, Andrew MacConnell, Martin Bosley & Tom Hutchinson. Not to forget the staff at Salty Pidgin, both past and present.   

If you had free time to go to a 2018 Visa WOAP event (not your own) what would it be and why? 

There are really so many it is almost impossible to single one out! Though the collaboration between Etta in Melbourne & Floridita's caught my eye...