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Extra tickets to sold out events

July 11, 2017

We all know that buying tickets for VWOAP events are a game of chance and timing. It’s you versus thousands of others – and it takes mere seconds to secure – or miss out on – tickets to that one VWOAP event that has everyone fizzing. For those of us who miss out, we hold on to a tiny bit of hope and optimism, praying to the gods of dining that the powers that be will find a way to release more tickets or put on an extra session.

It’s not often you get a second chance, so when it comes along you have to grab it with both hands and never let go. These sold out events have put on extra sessions/dates, on sale 12pm, Thursday 13 July. But don’t dawdle – these are likely to sell out fast…again!

P.s. there's still plenty of other events with tickets available - see what's not sold out here

A La Carless: 15 & 22 Aug, 5.30pm 

E is for eat, exercise and explore – throw ‘em all together and you’ve got an E-bike excursion worth riding home about. A La Carless is a culinary tour of Wellington by E-bike (the E actually stands for electric). You’ll head out on a moving feast with pit stops along the way to refuel, culminating with a festival cocktail.

Boomrock Lodge Winter Game Shoot: 26 Aug, 3.15pm-9pm

Venture out even further to Boomrock Lodge's Winter Game Shoot, an afternoon of clay bird shooting, a three-course game meal, and whiskey by the fire. 

The Number of the Feast: multiple sessions 

Speaking of fire, The Number of the Feast will be a devilish dinner of spice six ways. The team at Shepherd will serve six courses guaranteed to melt away the winter chill that's settled in your bones.

Beer, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting: 16 Aug, 7-9pm 

Fact 1: beer is great. Fact 2: cheese is great. Fact 3: chocolate... OK, you get the point. So it’s a no-brainer that an event bringing these three things together is bound to be super popular and sell out faster than the latest iPhone. Tuatara’s The Third Eye and artisan chocolate experts The Chocolate Bar come together for a Beer, Cheese and Chocolate Tasting to surprise and educate. How is fermentation the key to all three? You could google the answer, but wouldn’t it more fun to find out in an interactive setting with samples?

L'Arte Di Mangiare Bene: 20 Aug, 12-4pm

If you’ve never been to Cicio Cacio, you are missing out on one of Wellington’s best restaurants, full stop. Judging by how fast the first batch of tickets for their event sold, plenty of you are aware of their authentic and stupendously delicious Italian cuisine. This place gets the big tick from all of my Italian friends for their uncomplicated rustic dishes, made with a fine understanding of the art of eating well. Discover this Newtown treasure for yourself with an introduction to and celebration of Italian food culture in L'Arte Di Mangiare Bene.

ODDiTEAS: 24 Aug, 3.30-5pm 

Cocktail maestro Ray Letoa puts his unique and undeniably ambitious spin on afternoon tea in ODDiTEAS. Let Ray guide you through an afternoon of tea-based cocktails with accompanying treats in an event that will undoubtedly leave you spouting about his flair for intrigue.

All Taste, No Waste: 17 Aug

Logan Brown's Shaun Clouston leads a team of Weltec students to take oft-discarded or unloved ingredients (like stale bread or 'ugly' fruit and veg) and transform them into a sumptuous meal that's All Taste, No Waste. You'll see and taste first-hand how sustainable and frugal cooking can deliver results to rival so-called luxury ingredients. Proceeds from every ticket will go to Kaibosh for a special dinner for those who regularly rely on their services.

Umami Origami: 23 Aug, 6pm

Another event to savour is Umami Origami. This four-course vegetarian and gluten-free feast that will unfold before your very eyes and show you that you don't meat to achieve maximum flavour. 

Dinner at Homewood: 16 Aug, 7pm

Field & Green are masters of delicious, add in a heritage building, home of the British High Commissioner and a five-course modern British cuisine and you have the makings of one classy night out.