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Missed out on event tickets?

June 22, 2017

So that first intense rush of Festival Event ticketing is officially over -  the midday shakes and the repeated pushing of CTRL + F5, the missing your lunch break to get to the Ticketek website, the dizzying highs where you nab the tickets you've been tasked with buying for your entire group chat and the crushing lows when that exclusive dinner at a tiny restaurant sells out in literally a minute.

If you're feeling just a tad heartbroken about having missed out on some of the speedier-selling events, don't swear off food festivals entirely. There are still loads of tickets available to an array of educational, exciting, flavoursome and challenging events.

If you missed... Viva La Pizza then try... Clareville Bakery's bread and pastry classes

Clareville's baked goods are renowned around the Wellington region - it's well worth the drive from the CBD for a bite of that amazing bread. If you're keen to find out some of the secrets behind amazing cooking at home, head over the hill for Clareville's Perfect Pastry and Bread Masterclass and pilfer baker and owner Michael Kloeg's recipes.

If you missed We're Having a Party and You're Invited then try The Ultimate Family Feast 

Looking to get the kids involved in the cooking? Clearly the answer is yes, as loads of folk want to go behind the scenes at Thorndon Bakery at We're Having a Party. Instead, check out The Ultimate Family Feast, where your sprogs will learn the art of the dinner party and then actually host you for one.

If you missed Around the World in Five Courses then try Petone World Food Tour or Miramar Foodie Trail

It seems many folk are keen to dine their way around the globe - there's currently only one ticket left to Hippopotamus's global food event. Check out Petone World Food Tour, which explores the global food scene contained in this cool little Lower Hutt suburb, or Miramar Foodie Trail, which is a veritable tiki tour of Miramar's artisan producers.

If you missed Roots in the Capital then try Nose to Tail

The Chef Collaboration Series proved hugely popular, but some tickets still remain! Roots in the Capital sold out in a flash, but Whitebait is also hosting Auckland's The Cult Project for a collaborative and delicious evening: Nose to Tail.

If you missed The Number of the Feast then try Capital Culprit

Shepherd fans are quick to the trigger with The Number of the Feast tickets. The restaurant is also hosting Capital Culprit with with Kyle Street and Jordan MacDonald's Auckland eatery Culprit, which promises to be incredibly tasty three-course feast by two of the country's most exciting eateries.

If you missed L'Arte de Mangiare Bene then try Eat, Paint, Drink 

A fan of lavish feasts? If you missed out on Cicio Cacio's, try Foxglove's Eat, Paint, Drink. This Kiwi banquet celebrates the joy and importance of food, wine and art in one extravagant evening with help from Kiwi Arthouse and Martinborough Vineyard. 

If you missed Umami Origami then try What Fat Vegans of Wellington Eat or The Progressive Heribvore

Events that cater to vegetarians are always popular, but you can still nab a spot at What Fat Vegans of Wellington Eat or The Progressive Heribvore. These events will change the way you think about vegan fare - even the most committed omnivores adore Sweet Release's ridiculously good vegan baked goods and treats.

If you missed Urban Hāngī then try Urban Hāngī Masterclass 

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. If you're a hāngī fan, you need to get behind the scenes with one of the best in the business to find out how to do it yourself with this Urban Hāngī masterclass

If you missed WBC & Jenny Gao Sichuan Soul Food then try The Wholesale Boot Company Community Hall

Lovers of WBC were queuing up to nab tickets to their Shanghai Soul Food Feast with Jenny Gao, but the restaurant is also running a community hall-style dinner to muster up some much-needed funds for Youthline. They'll be serving up your favourite old-school Kiwi kai, just like mum used to make if your mum could cook like Jono Pashby.

If you missed Attica at the Shack then try ConversatioNZ Symposium

A fan of Attica's Ben Shewry? Join the queue. The man himself will be speaking at the ConversatioNZ Symposium, along with LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold and a myriad of other local culinary personalities. If you're serious about NZ food culture, this is an unmissable event in the culinary calendar.