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Throwback to Next Gen Cook Off by Everybody Eats | RNZ video series

October 26, 2022

Remember the ‘Next Gen Cook Off’ hosted by Everybody Eats? 

Every Monday during Visa Wellington On a Plate, an up-and-coming chef was invited to a mystery box challenge where they had to invent a  three-course menu from scratch. Diners rated their dining experience to help determine the winner of the cook-off.

Watch the Radio New Zealand video series that retraces the journey of the chefs who took on the challenge. Watch the magic coming to life! The 2022 edition was won by chef Tak Tanaka from Field & Green.

Week 1: Maxime Gnojczak from Concord

Week 2: Conor McDonald from Atlas

Week 3: Kahlivia Russel from Rita

Week 4: Tak Tanaka from Field & Green

Week 5: Maddie Grace from Hillside