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Pro tips on how to navigate Garage Project presents Burger Welly ft. @coupleoffoodiess_

August 15, 2022

Today we feature Hayley & Jared known as the foodie duo: @coupleoffoodiess_ on Instagram, who wrote up a guest blog sharing their pro tips on how to navigate Garage Project presents Burger Welly.

Hayley & Jared, @coupleoffoodiess_

Author: Hayley & Jared, @coupleoffoodiess_

Our favourite time of the year is here! We’re foodies at heart and started our food blog journey thanks to Wellington On a Plate, particularly Garage Project presents Burger Wellington. Here are our top tips on how we plan for the two weeks of burgers and the best month of the year.

1/ Get amongst the guide

As soon as the burgers get announced we’re all over it! We love the interactive map and filters you can apply on the website, so we use that to narrow down the 100+ burgers to our top 30 or so. We tend to go for the beef and chicken varieties over others, and they must come with a side!

We also like to go for eateries offering burgers in the Hutt Valley as that’s our backyard and we love supporting local!

2/ Make the cull

Now comes the hard part. There’s only so many burgers we can physically eat in a day, with a maximum of about 3. Not like other Burger Wellington veterans who can eat up to 8 in a day! We cull our selection of 30+ burgers and start prioritising the ones we must try. This usually features some crowd favourites and previous year’s winners’ entry’s for this year as they’re bound to be good. We end up with a good number of burgers to get through for the two and a half weeks. In previous years we have got through around 15, and aiming for the same again this year.

3/ Get our bookings in early

It’s a popular time in Wellington so we always like to get our bookings in early when we can. We definitely recommend placing bookings if the restaurant or café allows it, instead of gambling on the day. This is especially important if you’re trying to plan out the two weeks. By the end of the first week of August we’ve got most of our burgers locked and loaded.

4/ Find the perfect beer matches

What makes Burger Wellington even better is the Garage Project beer matches! We love to see which new beers they come up with each year to perfectly go with the burgers. One we're looking forward to try is the Pineapple Crush!

4/ Wear comfortable clothing & hit the gym

Pro tip – wear comfortable clothes and get some exercise when you can. Some of these burgers are huge and so any extra room in the pants is great for ensuring a comfortable experience. We also try to get in exercise where we can with the amount of delicious burgers we consume during the month of August.

@coupleoffoodiess_'s Burger hit list:

Wilson Barbecue Johnsonville, Rock Me Mumma

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