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It's a match! ft. Garage Project

August 15, 2022

Burger Wellington wouldn't be the same without all the delicious Garage Project beer matches available to perfect your burger experience. This August, the lineup of Garage Project refreshments is out of this world! 

Check out the new festival beers that have been designed to perfectly accompany the burgers you try during Burger Welly (they are ONLY available at participating venues) 


A cheerful, upbeat little hazy. Brewed with plump, juicy NZ grown barley and oats and a choice selection of our favourite hops to produce a smooth, easy drinking beer, loaded with lush tropical fruit juice flavour and aroma. Delicious - pure and simple.

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Inspired by the unique roast character of Japanese Genmai, Kohaku is a smooth amber lager, brewed with four malts and a portion of deliciously aromatic freshly roasted rice.  Delicately hopped with Czech Saaz, this crisp, clean lager pours a rich amber with a touch of caramel malt sweetness on the palate, balanced with restrained bitterness and a delightful light nutty note of roasted rice. Uniquely aromatic and deliciously drinkable.

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Pineapple Crush

Zesty pineapple sour, with a spicy chilli kick. A super refreshing, clean, sparkling kettle sour, brewed with agave syrup, pineapple and fiery habaneros. Expect a big pineapple candy and citrus nose, juicy, fresh cut ripe pineapple flavour, habanero heat and more than enough acidity to cut through the fat of even the most robust burger, while still complementing lighter offerings.

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Here are all the other beer matches available this August:



Refreshingly simple, which is sometimes exactly what you want. Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, Czech yeast. That's it.

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Dirty Water Raspberry Yuzu

We’re brewed not blended - with a gluten free grain, real fruit and natural flavours. This delivers a sparkling clean, alcoholic seltzer, with only 90 Calories and less than 1g of sugar per can.



Brewed and double dry-hopped with NZ, Australian and US hop varieties. Great things often start in a garage,after all.


Golden Path

A generous addition of Golden Naked Oats and Mosaic, Columbus and Strata hops create a beer bursting with flavour, with a balance and body belying its moderate strength. Highway to haze.

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Pickle Beer

A clean, refreshing sour beer inspired by the burger's classic companion - the dill pickle. Naturally kettle soured and infused with cucumber, dill, and pickle spice. This quirky refreshing beer would be the perfect playmate for the classic cheese burger, fish burger or any other pickle loving burger offering.

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Raspberry Cabaret

Willkommen to the cabaret! This delicious tart fruit Berliner Weisse is loaded with raspberry and aromatic hibiscus flowers creating a stunningly colourful, effervescent sour, bursting with exuberant floral and berry fruit notes. Divine decadence in a can.

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Big things sometimes come in little packages. Say hi to Tiny: Brewed with pilsner malt, golden naked oats, Mosaic, Strata and Simcoe, Tiny is specially fermented to give you all the big, juicy hop character you’ve come to expect from a Hazy IPA - just without the alcohol. Yup that’s right. Big flavour, without the booze so you can enjoy your hazy anytime. Tiny, but mighty.

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Transit of Venus

A hazy riff on on our classic Venusian inspired pale ale, this Phoenix Foundation collab is packed with Amarillo, Citra and Centennial hops and infused with Lemongrass and Makrut Lime Leaf. Exotic tropical fruit flavours for a true celebration of Friend Ship.

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