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Tommy's Cocktail Welly pick #2 – Dillinger's

August 8, 2022

Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's Real Estate Wellington is serving you the most delicious concoctions during Visa Wellington On a Plate. All month long, you will get insights from your local Tommy's agents who visited the participating venues and met the talents behind the bar.

Agent Ava Anderson chose Dillinger's cocktail as her #1 pick for Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's.Read about why and watch her working with bartender Josh to bring the cocktail to life.

Pravda bartender Josh and Tommy's agent Ava Anderson.

1. Why is Dillinger's your Tommy’s Pick this year?

I love the sea so I was naturally drawn to the ocean-themed cocktail and dish at Dillinger's! 

2. How is this cocktail the perfect match?

I’d like to think this cocktail matches my personality as it is unique and refreshing. 



Dillinger's Cocktail Welly: Ocean Mist 2018 – A white wine-based cocktail with Denzien gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, cucumber, mint, saline solution and suspended sabja seeds.

3. What would the perfect occasion to drink this cocktail be

The perfect occasion to drink this cocktail is really whenever you feel like trying something a bit different. It’s not a classic cocktail in any ways! 


4. What did you think of the food pairing with the cocktail?

The drink was the perfect match for the food element as white wine and lemon are great with seafood. It is complementary and not overpowering. 

5. What's next on your hit list?

The Old Fig-ure from Kisa is next for me. I would love to go back there and a wee bit bourbon never goes amiss, especially when paired with fig! 


6. If I was a cocktail, I would be...

If I was a cocktail, I would be a Martini! No fluff or fruit. Well apart from the olive!

That's it for now! Stay tuned for more cocktail tips from Tommy's Wellington. Getting thirsty? Explore the full Cocktail Wellington lineup available this August.