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Discover the Hidden Gems with Tommy's

August 4, 2022

Tommy's Wellington is the proud sponsor of Cocktail Wellington and so this year, real estate agents Tom, Miles and Lorene went adventuring around their neighbourhood to show us their ‘hidden gem'.

Episode 1: Ombra

We start with agent Tom Fuller! Tom gave a whirl to Ombra's Cocktail Welly's: The Perfumed Garden. Watch it come to life!

Episode 2: The Botanist

Watch agent Lorene Bradley as she ventures the Lyall Bay neighbourhood. In this episode, Lorene introduces her hidden gem: the Botanist. Worth a trip to the 'burb during the most delicious month of the year.

Episode 3: Lulu Bar

Discover the last hidden gem with Tommy's Wellington agent, Miles Goodlet! Miles grew up in Wellington and has had a few adventures at Lulu Bar. Today, he takes us into Courtney Place’s iconic bar to try their Cocktail Wellington.

Watch Lulu Bar's cocktail: Mango Unstrained come to life. Custom blend rum, coconut and mango milk punch with locally foraged horopito. Accompanied by a turmeric macaroon, curried pork shank and lime pickle. 🍹