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Tommy's Cocktail Welly pick #1 – Pravda

August 4, 2022

Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's Real Estate Wellington is serving you the most delicious concoctions during Visa Wellington On a Plate. All month long, you will get insights from your local Tommy's agents who visited the participating venues and met the talents behind the bar.

Today we're featuring agent Tim Clark with bartender Michael from Pravda. Read why Tim selected Pravda's Cocktail Welly: Off the Beeten Track as his #1 pick.

Pravda bartender Michael and Tommy's agent Tim.

Off the Beeten Track: Beetroot-infused vodka, burnt Wellington Honey, kvass, apple kompot, cardamom bitters and a kefir yoghurt foam. Accompanied by a chicken and duck liver pâté, dill-pickled cucumber and lumpfish caviar blini.

1. Why is Pravda your Tommy’s Pick this year?

Pravda has always been my all-time favourite! They do a delicious dinner, beautiful interior, lovely ambience, and they always deliver an amazing service! Their cocktail this year ‘Off the Beeten Track’ – how creative?! The colour of the cocktail definitely pops! You’d never think about using beetroot in a cocktail do ya?! I was really intrigued by it and how it would taste. 


2. How is this cocktail the perfect match?

The Pravda cocktail is definitely zingy, energetic, smooth and the colour is vibrant and captivating! Much like me (I'd like to think): confident, outgoing, and well-groomed. Also, who doesn’t like a good old classic vodka as a cocktail base anyways?



3. What would the perfect occasion to drink this cocktail be

Date night, I’d say – the colour is quite seductive and there’s a bit of sultriness to the cocktail.


4. What did you think of the food pairing with the cocktail?

I loved the chicken and duck liver pate blini – it pairs well with the cocktail, and cuts through the tartness. Also topped with caviar for extra fanciness. It makes you want to eat 3,4 or 10! 

5. What's next on your hit list?

Looking forward to trying the C.G.R Merchant & Co. Purple Rain Cocktail Welly! The colour of the cocktail looks beautiful! Like what we always say in real estate – first impression matters!


6. If I was a cocktail, I would be...

I’m a big believer in ‘good old-fashioned customer service’ when it comes to my clients and business – so something classic like ‘The old fashioned I guess? You can never beat a classic.

That's it for now! Stay tuned for more cocktail tips from Tommy's Wellington. Getting thirsty? Explore the full Cocktail Wellington lineup available this August.