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Burger Wellington in the Wellington CBD

September 23, 2021

(short for “come dine on burgers”)

There’s nine more days of Garage Project presents Burger Wellington to go! You were able to take a breather during lockdown, but now we’re on the home stretch ! 

Wellington central was a little quiet in the immediate aftermath of lockdown, but activity is picking up! Even if you’re working from home at Level 2, we encourage you to zip into the CBD and support inner city eateries by trying some out-of-this-world Festival burgers. 

No matter what your burger likes and loves are, there is literally something for everyone. Love novelty burgers? Done. Love a good, old fashioned classic cheeseburger? We got you. Prefer to eat plant-based? Puh-lease - there’s plenty! 

Have a read of the Burger Wellys you can dig into - but be sure to do it before 3 October when Visa Wellington On a Plate wraps up for 2021. 

If you like novelty burgs...

You really can’t go past Honey Badger Saloon’s Glow Party. Honey Badger Saloon has transformed into a doof-doof dungeon, minus the doof and dosing up on the darkness to accommodate its luminescent Burger Welly burger. This is the experiential burger of the Festival season - you’re handed a venom-smashed chuck and brisket patty with smoked bacon burg (on a pitch black charcoal bun, of course), and a pouring jug of black-light cheese sauce to pour all over the patty. Then - to quote rap artist of the ages, Vanilla Ice - “turn out the lights and I’ll glow”. It looks positively radioactive - and may also taste the same. (That’s just the Dragon’s Breath hot sauce.)


Other novelty burgers on our list are Bethel Wood’s Don’t Cheeto'n Me, a burger featuring a Flamin' Hot Cheetos® coated, fried chicken fillet with BBQ honey mustard, bread and butter pickles, American cheese, and - of course - a side of cheesy Cheetos®. 


Or try Dillinger’s Fat Elvis, an ode to the King’s favourite craving: a grilled beef patty with a heady combo of pepper-candied bacon, American cheese, Fix & Fogg Smoke & Fire peanut butter, grape jelly and beer battered banana fritters. Suspicious minds, don’t fight it - it works. 

If you like classic burgs...

You can’t go past Egmont Street Eatery, who have perfected the art of the well-executed bougie cheeseburger year after year during Burger Wellington. This year they’ve done it again with the umami-packed Kingston Tastee, a free range smashed pork and beef patty with mango and pork fat chutney, blackened Penray Gardens chilli mayo, housemade cheese and - the pièce de résistance - spiced tobacco fried onions.

For other iterations of the trusty cheeseburg, pay a visit to Two Grey for the El Dorado, a bourbon-spiked Wagyu beef patty with chocolate barbeque sauce, multiple slices of cheddar and a cheese ring; 

the Arborist for The Southland, a venison patty with Waikanae Butchery lamb bacon, smoked cheddar and all the trimmings - with a cheeky Kāpiti Pakari cheese roll on the side; 


Grill Meats Beer for an ode to an old favourite from a mega-burger conglomerate who we cannot name for legal reasons (probably), Smash 'em Bro;

or Highwater’s classy cheeseburger, The Beast, which serves up double housemade Wagyu beef patties with American cheese, white onion, housemade dill pickles and Russian dressing in a housemade soft sourdough potato bun - also reminiscent of that popular stacked burger from said nameless mega-burger conglomerate. 

Or perhaps try all the proteins with Sojourn’s Chick 'n' Cow - That's So Wow!, a tower of both Black Angus beef patty and buttermilk fried chicken with bacon, pickles, red onion, lettuce, cheddar and smoked paprika cheese sauce, all gloriously topped with a prawn and chorizo skewer.

If you like a challenge burg...

Culinary festivals are all about pushing boundaries - both the restaurants’ and your own! Off-piste ingredients and unexpected twists plonked between two buns are expected during Burger Wellington, so don’t shy away from those eyebrow-raising creations. 

Under the “It shouldn’t work, but it does” category is Rosie’s Red Hot Cantina’s Chilly Pickle Rick, a Habanero-dusted, chicken fat-dipped, fried chicken thigh topped with maple pickle, bacon and candied chilli ice cream, American cheese, honey-pot burger sauce and dill pickles accompanied by retro corn-puffed chip ‘taties, in a delicious reminisce of Cobb ‘n’ Co.’s Cobb Crunchies. Believe us when we say there is A LOT going on in this burger. But you also have to believe us when we say: it really does work. Thumbs up to whoever Rick is! 

If you like your challenging burger sans ice cream, perhaps hit up some burgers with off-piste proteins. 

El Culo del Mundo serves up the Abelardo Montoya, which has a Kowhai Grove ostrich patty with mojo de ajo, smoked provolone, zucchini and apple slaw and kiwifruit chimichurri.  

Or try Everybody Eats’ (a not-for-profit that looks to reduce food waste and feed bellies) socially-conscious burger The Rescued, a wild tahr patty (an introduced pest) with American cheddar, rescued butter pickles, lettuce and housemade BBQ sauce. You can pay what you want for this burger, and funds go to Everybody Eats. In fact, pay $10,000 and you can help Everybody Eats create a new Guinness world record by making The Rescued the world’s most expensive burger! 

If you like your greens…

If you have a plant-based palate, you won’t be disappointed by the massive array of vegan and vegetarian Burger Wellington burgs.  

Hillside Kitchen has the eye-catching and tastebud-boggling Seaweed Eat Weeds. Eye-catching because it has a big ol’ hemp leaf stamped on the top of the housemade soft hemp infused bun, and tastebud-boggling because the seaweed patty looks just like a steak tartare patty - and tastes just as meaty!  

Other plant-based Burger Wellington burgers you may want to graze on include the Welsh Dragon Bar’s Castell Morgannwg, with a very Welsh-inspired leek and cheddar croquette 'Glamorgan sausage' patty with Wild Chef hash brown, lettuce, sweet house pickled zucchini, onion chutney and Welsh-style chip shop curry sauce. 

Also proving popular with plant-based eaters is Laundry’s Galactic Shrooms, a Portobello mushroom with chipotle mushroom carnitas, ruby slaw with toasted pepitas and roasted garlic and refried beans.

There’s a whole Burger Welly world of vegetarian and vegan options out there - be sure to also check out Food Envy, Counter Culture, Seize, Kanteen and Mockingbird’s Burger Wellington burgers. 

Before you move on to the next paragraph, here’s a plant-based Burger Welly life hack for you - there’s loads of meat burgers out there that are also available in vegan and vegetarian alternatives - just use the dietary requirements filter on the Burger Wellington listings and you’ll have a whole new world of plant-based burgers at your fingertips… 

If you like to travel burg…

We all know that leisurely overseas travel has been nixed for the foreseeable future. So do the next best thing and burger hop around the world with these internationally inspired Burger Wellingtons! 

Jet your appetite off to the tropical Philippines for lunch or dinner with Master Kong’s Tropic Thunder, a grilled 'Bacolod' chicken with burnt onion, calamansi mayo, spiced mango curd and atchara pickled green papaya in a Brezelmania pandesal bun, with wings and banana ketchup. 

Then grab dessert at Zelati, for the very moreish - and texturally uplifting (CRUSHED PRETZELS) - Ooh-Be-Be, a 'KESO’ housemade cheddar cheese gelato with crushed pretzels on a glazed ‘Ube pan de sal’ bun with churro fries and dark chocolate dipping sauce.

Closer to home is Hotel Bristol’s getaway in a burger, Welcome to Raro, made up of a palusami of corned beef, spinach, coconut and onion with beef patty, smoked cheese, pickled pink onions and rum and Coke pineapple relish, accompanied with an Island-style potato salad of mayonnaise, eggs, peas and beet.

Other places you may like to visit on your inner city burger journey include Cinderella for Prince of Persia, Saigon Taste for Oh, Deer!, Rogue & Vagabond’s Sticky Sichuation, Dragonfly’s Good Morning, Vietnam, Dhana Eatery’s Mystic-(en) Chick with Crisp Roots and t-Lounge by Dilmah for The Ambulthiyal

Don’t forget the pop-ups! 

If you need a top up after all those burgers, don’t forget there are still Visa Wellington On a Plate pop-ups that are open! They are all free entry and pay on consumption. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate LBQ’s 10th birthday with The Month After the Night Before, a menu of traditional hangover-inspired comfort food, such as malt vinegar chip butties, a kebab-ish salad and five-ish minute noodles, paired with Red Snappers and a Sipsmith mocktail menu to rid the fuzziest head or serve as a pick-me-up before you move onto the next party. 

Or sail away on a tropical getaway with Egmont's Island Provisions, where you can enjoy an array of Jamaican and Caribbean-inspired dishes with classic Egmont St. flair (please note this is at a new location on 101 The Terrace whilst Egmont St Eatery is currently closed for renovations). 

And if you can get in (try your luck with lunch or early dinner bookings), visit Field & Green’s Bar Salonika, serving up unique and authentic cuisine influenced by this bustling, diverse multicultural Greek city during the Ottoman Empire, which became a haven for Iberian Jews banished from Spain and Portugal in the 15th Century. Named ‘the Jerusalem of the Balkans’, Field & Green serves up platters of food influenced by Jewish and Spanish heritages with Ottoman/Turkish culinary influences, a cooking style evolved with dishes still found in modern-day Greece.

Visa Wellington On a Plate wraps up on 3 October, so get into the central city, support your local eateries and try some delicious Festival kai! And be sure to check venue listings for opening hours and Burger Wellington availability.