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Cocktail Wellington - Tommy’s Picks feat. Alexia Stoddart

September 16, 2021

We think everyone deserves to raise a glass after getting through lockdown. On top of that, the sun is making more regular appearances, and the days are getting longer. Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy’s is the perfect opportunity to catch up with mates, woo a loved one or unwind after a long day (or kick off a long night!) over a cocktail. 

We chatted with Tommy’s real estate agent, Alexia Stoddart, about her picks and recommendations for Cocktail Wellington. She’s no stranger to this part of Visa Wellington On a Plate, saying she’s been known to make a day of it with friends, having planned a Burger and Cocktail Welly tour throughout the city in previous festival years. 

Each of Alexia’s picks also come in a non-alcoholic version (as do many of Cocktail Wellington cocktails) - so the non-drinkers in your life don’t have to miss out - and every Cocktail Wellington comes with specially paired with a morsel to eat - from casual bites (candied popcorn, mini toasted sandwiches, crispy noodles) to the bougie (oysters, vermouth gummy bears, kahawai crudo), but always delicious! 


The Library - To Be or Not To Be

I’m a gin girl, and I quite like the whole homegrown lemon juice thing going on there with the Wellington honey syrup. That ginger popcorn with a whisky drizzle - woo hoo! That sounds like a bit of me too! The Library is really known for doing wonderful cocktail and food pairings, especially with desserts and sweet eats, so you know you can’t really go wrong there. They should always be on everyone’s Cocktail Wellington list.


Hanging Ditch - Fish Out of Water

My husband is a rum person, and I thought I really shouldn’t make this all about, so here's something a little rummy for him! He’s had a pineapple rum before, so I thought he’d be very keen on this combo of housemade pineapple and coconut infused rum. I’ve heard Hanging Ditch is very clever and tends to make their own ingredients and additions for spirits. Plus, their head bartender, Jack Driver, was one of the finalists in Highball Festival’s NZ Bartender of the Year!


Apachè - Goood Morning, Sunday Vietnam

I’ve stated that I’m a gin girl, but  I can be swayed by vodka, especially when it’s in a Bloody Mary! There’s no pick-me-up quite like a Bloody Mary and the Vietnamese twist on this one from Apachè looks intriguing! I'm not frightened of a bit of spice, and this with a good amount of Vietnamese herbs, a pickled Thai eggplant and a healthy dose of firecracker fried chicken sounds like a second dose of pick-me-up within this Bloody Mary!


The Arborist - No Plum Intended

Back to the gin again - but I’m really drawn in by the piquant, sour aspect of the Black Doris plum syrup and lime juice. Quite refreshing and it reminds me of a summer’s day, which we all need to be reminded of when we’ve just gone through such a tempestuous winter! And the pulled pork and cheese croquette is something rich, fried and crunchy to counteract the sourness of the plum and lime. 


El Culo del Mundo - El Chapulín Verde

Here’s something a little daring - El Chapulín Verde is based on a classic Grasshopper, but with a Latin American twist. It’s green, which is always important if you work at Tommy’s (haha!), and as a nod to the classic cocktail, it comes with a little grasshopper frozen inside an ice cube! Also anything that's accompanied by a dulce de leche and guajillo chili chocolate ganache sandwich cookie has got to be on my list. 

Check out the line up of Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy’s cocktails! Remember - many Cocktail Wellys come as non-alc versions too, and are always accompanied by a specially paired bite to eat. Be sure to try them before Sunday, 3 October, when Visa Wellington On a Plate wraps up for 2021.