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Our Visa Welly On a Plate team picks!

June 10, 2021

The Visa Wellington On a Plate 2021 programme is out! It's that time of the year where the Visa WOAP team gets excited as we all plan our culinary month.

Whilst we all work as a team to coordinate the festival, it is rather challenging for us to all agree when it comes to one thing: Kai! Whether it is Festival Events, Pop Ups, Dine dishes, burgies or cocktails, elements from the festival programme are always at the epicentre of quite agitated conversations in the office...

Our Programme Manager, Beth Brash, is the most knowledgeable team member when it comes to the festival programme. She has read through every single offering across the whole festival multiple times and highlights that this year's programme is the strongest we've seen in the history of Visa Welly On a Plate.

So it was not an easy task when having to choose amongst all the delicious offerings. We've compiled all the Visa Welly On a Plate Team Picks in a curated list so you can see how diverse and conflicted the taste buds at HQ are.

Here are our team picks in no particular order or preferences:

Katherine Mansfield House & Garden's Festival Event: Bliss: A Taste of Mansfield

Festival Events and Pop Ups:

Note: some of these events are ticketed and are usually very popular. Here is a pro-tip: create a festival event wish list with the Festival Events you would like to buy tickets for and make sure to be ready for when the Visa pre-sale starts on Monday 14 June at 12pm!

Spring Kitchen's Dine dish: Holy-Pamflet

Dine Wellington festival dishes:

Rogue & Vagabond's burger: Sticky Sichuation

Garage Project presents Burger Welly burgers:

Saint Sebastian's cocktail: Lavendar Immortelle

Cocktail Wellington presented by Tommy's cocktails:

Check out the full curated list and save your favourites from our wish list into yours and get ready to Eat Curious this August!