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People of the Festival - Gilmours

October 21, 2020

Every single year, the team at Visa Wellington On a Plate is able to pull together New Zealand’s largest culinary festival, thanks to some key relationships - people behind the scenes - that contribute to the overall Festival experience.

But “key relationships” is too sterile a way to describe who these people are, what they do, and just how important they are to making Visa Wellington On a Plate happen every year. 

You may have never given a second thought to who ensures you can filter what events, cocktails or Dine dishes you wish to try on our website at a moment’s notice? Or who connects Wellington hospitality with the capital’s producers and suppliers? Or who helps us get the word out about ALL those burgers around the Wellington Region for Burger Wellington? 

These aren’t just “key relationships” - they’re “people of the festival”, and they deserve a shoutout for the role they play in bringing the Festival together. This week, we chat to Matt Humphrey, owner of Gilmours Wellington on the role he plays in Visa Wellington On a Plate. 

Matt Humphrey, owner of Gilmours Wellington 

My name is Matt Humphrey, and along with my wife, Jo, we own Gilmours Wellington. Gilmours sells to the hospitality trade in Wellington, including restaurants, bars, cafes, caterers, takeaways, bakeries, rest homes, hotels, and a number of other small businesses.  

We sell fresh produce, meat, chilled and frozen products, alcohol, and a full range of dry goods as well.  We have a store in Petone that’s open to our customers to come in and shop seven days a week, and we deliver six days a week as well.

In what ways does Gilmours support Visa Wellington On a Plate, and why do you think our partnership is a good fit? 

We support Visa WOAP by helping local suppliers connect with chefs in Wellington. We are passionate about the food scene in Wellington, and keen to help facilitate local suppliers connect with the great restaurants, cafes, bars, takeaways, hotels, and caterers in Wellington.

Why does Gilmours like supporting Visa Wellington On a Plate? 

We are locally owned - Jo and I live on the edge of the city. We’re passionate about the hospitality industry in Wellington and see our connection with Visa WOAP as a great way to do more to support local Wellington businesses, both product suppliers, and the great hospitality establishments!

Matt and Jo Humphrey, owners of Gilmours Wellington

Why do you think Visa Wellington On a Plate is positive for the Wellington Region and its hospo industry? 

Coming out of winter, Visa WOAP is a great way to kickstart the summer season, and get people out of their houses and enjoying what is on offer.  

This year, in particular, in Wellington we need all the help we can get to get the hospitality industry back up and going. Visa WOAP is a great catalyst for this.

What do you, personally, like most about Visa Wellington On a Plate?  

I like the fact that there are a number of experiences with chefs that are ‘money can’t buy’. The educational sessions are pretty amazing and showcase the creativity and talent we have here in Wellington.  

Most of my great memories are sourcing obscure products for our customers for different events, but as far as participation, my favourite was the burger from Leroy’s last year.

Are you planning on taking part in Visa Wellington On a Plate? If so, what are you looking forward to most? 

We have two teenage kids, so working our way through as many burgers as we can is a good family challenge. We are also going to Bellamys, which we are looking forward to!