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Lashings brings summer to Welly with loaded ice creams

January 17, 2020

If it doesn’t feel quite like summer in Wellington just yet - hold tight. Lashings on Eva Street has just flicked the summer switch in time for Wellington Anniversary Weekend with its loaded ice cream cones and sundaes!  


With the arrival of a new ice cream machine, Lashings is now making its own ice cream onsite, in a variety of flavours, to create loaded cones and sundaes, stacked to the sky with textural toppings, sauces and - of course - brownies. 

Owner and chef, Jackie Lee Morrison, says the concept is simple - choose a brownie from the Lashings brownie bar, and the Lashings crew will build a loaded cone (or cone bowl if you think your motor skills could be challenged by the old walk-eat combo), based on your selection.

“We have around 10 flavours of ice creams and most of them are suitable for vegans and the gluten intolerant,” says Jackie. 

“Our waffle cones and cone baskets are made here by us, using honey and light brown sugar - they are really yummy!

“We are currently working towards a vegan and gluten-free cone recipe in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, we’re serving these in bowls, so those with dietary requirements don’t have to miss out.”


And the most popular flavour so far?

“The most popular one has been the Classic Milk Chocolate with the cereal milk ice cream and chocolate ice cream, because people love the classic milk chocolate brownie,” says Jackie. 

“But the other popular one has been the Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter & Jelly brownie with strawberry and vanilla ice creams, and the Vegemite brownie with the pretzel milk and salted caramel ice creams.” 

Jackie said the team is also open to ice cream flavour suggestions, so next time you’re in to get your ice cream fix, feel free to riff. 

Although, we think you can easily while away the rest of the summer, making your way through the current array of ice creams on the Lashings menu!