The White Swan Country Hotel

The White Swan is an iconic country hotel in the heart of Greytown, with a real passion for our region. At The Swan, we celebrate the best of what the Wairarapa has to offer, through our food, beverages, accommodation, and warm rural hospitality.


Dine - August 1 - 14

Ray’s Soulful Chicken Melting Pot

‘Nana Ray’ was a humble and soulful home chef that immigrated to Wellington in 1951, bringing with her a Ukrainian Jewish heritage. She kept her culture alive through cooking for new friends and family, and by sharing her recipes in a cookbook collection by Gisi Hirschfeld, published in Wellington in 1999, alongside other Jewish immigrants. Nana Ray was a huge influence on her grandson, Thomas Monk, head chef at The White Swan Country Hotel and he shares her passion for soulful food made from the heart. Tom’s Festival dish reinvents Ray’s traditional chicken soup recipe using modern cooking techniques and the use of fresh local ingredients – a melting pot of old-world meets new-world, with layers of vibrancy and of unique pops of flavour.

Dish Description: Roasted chicken breast with chicken broth, confit chicken wing, herb dumplings, Vagabond Vege carrot, leek and parsley

  • DFDairy Free
  • GFGluten Free_possible
  • NFNut Free

Price: $34

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

Regional Beverages

Palliser Estate, Chardonnay: $72 a bottle, 17 for a glass

Fixed Menu

Courses Outline:
Cured salmon, Zany Zeus crème fraiche, cured egg yolk, cucumber and red onion pickles and Vagabond Vege micro herbs
Festival Dish: Roasted chicken breast, chicken broth, confit chicken wing, herb dumplings, Vagabond Vege carrot, leek and parsley
Greytown Honey cake, 10 O'Clock Bakery buttermilk gelato, earl grey tea and almond crumble, grapefruit jelly and burnt honey crisp

    *Cannot cater to dietary requirements

Price for three courses: $65

Burger - August 12 - 31

Smoke on the Water

Smoked brisket with Alabama horseradish BBQ sauce, Remutaka Pass Creamery smoked Havarti, dill pickles and onion rings in a Ten O'Clock Cookie potato bun, with fries and smoked ketchup

  • DFDairy Free_possible
  • GFGluten Free_possible
  • NFNut Free

Garage Project Beer Match: Chipper

Price: $26 / with Garage Project beer $36

Availability: Lunch & Dinner

Cocktail - August 1 - 31

Granny Smith's Mulled Cider

Butterfly pea flower-infused Grenada Bay white rum and spiced mulled cider made with Mela Juice granny apple juice. Accompanied by cinnamon and coconut sugar churros

  • VVegetarian

Price: $20